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The team at Air Camp, Inc. is proud to announce that we plan to increase the number of events we host in 2021! We are busy working to confirm dates and session offerings. Please put a reminder in your calendar to check for more specific details to be available right here at by February 1, 2021. All application and registration links will be available to the public starting March 1, 2021. We look forward to seeing you next year!

From flying a real plane to exclusive access to flight institutions, Air Camp is a


Learning is best when it’s fun

Hands-On STEM Learning

The core values of Air Camp – scholarship, leadership, and citizenship – are embodied in its intensive schedule and unique curriculum that puts science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in the context of aviation and aeronautics.


“Some people thought it was crazy to travel cross-country to a flight camp. I admit I did too! But now I realize it was all worth it. Thank you. My favorite part was getting to test the wind tunnels and actually flying the plane. It was amazing!”

Max A. , Air Camp Graduate 2016.

“My son attended AirCamp week 1 in June 2016 and loved it. The scope of the activities you offered was comprehensive and served to solidify my son’s resolve to become a pilot. Thank you for making the effort to turn his dream into a reality for so many campers.”

Mary N. , Air Camp Parent 2016.

“I wanted you to know that the seed of flight that was planted at Air Camp continues to grow. Once airborne Jenny flew from our local Sidney A.P. over to Delaware, Ohio this past Saturday. Keep fanning the flames.”

Bob B. , Air Camp Parent 2015.

“Air Camp was a wonderful experience for my daughter. She is that much more self-confident about her interests in the STEM fields and I am thrilled to see new, bold ideas readily take flight in her mind. The Air Camp staff are absolutely top notch professionals.”

Miti P. , Air Camp Parent 2016.
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