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Air Camp, Inc. is committed to offering a safe, structured, and exciting environment for each of our events. We take this responsibility very seriously in order to provide the safest possible experience for your child. In addition to our standing safety practices, we have implemented new guidelines and protocols in accordance with Responsible RestartOhio. Click here for our full COVID-19 Protocols.

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Students Entering Grades 4-6:

We will continue to offer exciting opportunities for students at the intermediate level to explore the history and evolution of aviation as they experience the principles that made it possible for controlled flight to be achieved. Such programs are scheduled to include events at key STEM locations throughout the Dayton Region.


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Students Entering Grades 7-9:

We plan to offer events spanning 5 days for participants to investigate and apply the physics of flight while engaged in immersive learning modules at a variety of remarkable STEM locations related to the key components of aviation and aeronautics. Students will be hosted at a college or university within the Greater Dayton Area

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Students Entering Grades 10-12:

This program has been created for participants to more critically explore the most accessible, sustainable, and lucrative STEM education and career opportunities available in Ohio and across the nation. The curriculum of this program emphasizes both what they entail but also important details to develop achievable goals to successfully prepare for and succeed within any of which they choose to pursue.

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Teachers Air Camp Grades K-12:

We are proud to embark upon our sixth year of offering creative and meaningful professional development experiences for teachers across the country. It continues to be a pleasure to share paramount components of our student programs so that they can bring them into their classrooms for an exponential amount of young learners throughout the rest of their careers. This program is designed for teachers to experience some of our learning modules that are exciting for students and applicable to related STEM initiatives already taking place within their classrooms. We plan to offer events from 3-4 days in length this summer. As in years past, an application must be completed and successfully submitted to be considered for selection to attend this one of a kind program. SELECTED APPLICANTS WILL OVERNIGHT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON - MARRIOTT.

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Adult Aviation Adventure Ages 18 and up:

There is most likely no other question we receive more than that of when we will offer programs designed for adults in the general public. We believe this might just be the year that we can finally meet those requests by offering our first ever Adult Aviation Adventure! You will engage with experts in the field of aviation and aeronautics and develop a uniquely in depth understanding of the basic principles and practices for flight to be successfully achieved. You will also apply those ideas as you experience the thrill of being the pilot of an aircraft with the support of an FAA certified instructor right beside you the entire experience. This venturesome program is one that our undoubtedly elated participants will never forget!

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To learn about employment opportunities please contact the Director of Operations with all questions.